Briefs written by Jeff Walsh, shared with permission

The following brief was recently filed in a homicide case where the client was sentenced to 26 years in prison. The client retained Mr. Walsh to litigate a claim of ineffective assistance of trial counsel, and due to the issues outlined in the brief, Mr. Walsh succeeded in getting the conviction reversed and the sentenced vacated. Mr. Walsh then re-pled the client to a lesser offense with a stipulated 8-year sentence, resulting in an 18-year reduction of sentence and immediate parole eligibility. To respect the privacy of the client, the attorneys involved, and all other witnesses/victims, all names, locations, and other identifying information in this brief have been changed. 

The following brief was filed in the Colorado Court of Appeals, and it challenged the sufficiency of the evidence in a Harboring a Minor case. The Court of Appeals agreed with Mr. Walsh’s argument and reversed the conviction in a published case, People v. Flynn, 463 P.3d 360 (Colo. App. 2020). 

The following brief was prepared for a client in Missouri who is serving 4 life-sentences for a homicide he committed when he was a juvenile. The brief argues that the client’s sentence violates the Equal Protection and Cruel and Unusual Punishment Clauses of the United States Constitution. The issues presented in this brief were recently rendered moot by a sentencing reform bill in Missouri that made the client immediately parole eligible given that he was a juvenile when the crime was committed.